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Desktop Stationery


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  1. Max Stapler HD-10

    S$ 1.93
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    World most popular stapler Staples...
  2. Max Cutter L

    S$ 3.50
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    Heavy Duty For cutting large items...
  3. HK Tape Dispenser

    S$ 4.49
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      Can hold tape up to 1" width
  4. Max Cutter S

    S$ 2.50
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    Light Duty For cutting small items
  5. Max Handy Stapler HD-10D

    S$ 5.35
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    Staples up to 20 sheets Staple...
  6. Max Staples No. 10-1M

    S$ 0.32
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    Staples/Strip: 50 staplesStaples/Box:...
  7. Max Hole Punch DP-F2D

    S$ 15.00
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    Two-hole punch with a capacity of 23...


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